Why did all the politicians believe that a constitution that had been voted down by the French, could be rename and sold to the Irish?

Why do Politicians now try to pass off the Irish No vote as not representative of the rest of the population of Europe who didn’t get to vote?

Why did the Politicians believe that a childish ‘Because it’s good for you‘ argument that doesn’t work on children, would work on the Irish Adult population?

Big questions. Questions that will never be answered by the current crop of Politicians because they don’t know any part of the Why in these questions.

I can think of a few, here’s one

A) It was only good for politicians

Time for a new government in Ireland

It looks to be time to form a new government in Ireland that respects Freedom of Speech and maybe elect some new (less corrupt) politicians that respect the law, don’t take bribes of English Money, and don’t perjure themselves before a judicial tribunal. Politicians that don’t try and censor Blogs that have an opinion contrary to theirs.

Whatever became of the truth?

Bush’s friendly co-conspirator in the White House Lies and deception club has come up with something he can really sink his teeth into, The U.S. Propaganda Agency to quote;

…the United States is losing the war of ideas in the Muslim world, and the answer to that, in part, is through the creation of this new government agency

Whatever happened to the truth? If the truth isn’t there, someone will discover that it’s not the truth, and no amount of lying is going to make anyone listen to it. Mind you if you can control all sources of information (MSN, radio, TV, Internet), and either censor or block the truth, what does it matter what you say?

Radio Free Europe has been identified as one of the most useful tool to bring down the Iron curtain, on a simple principal, that even under political pressure, it would ONLY broadcast the truth.

But this administration doesn’t know the truth, to them, the truth is the enemy, and so we have what we have. A world of spin and deception.

Something else we didn’t know, the truth.

It looks like the truth does come out, in the end, but why are we surprised when someone does a Study: False statements preceded war about something we already knew. That the President of the United States wasn’t telling the truth. Can we impeach this administration now? Does anyone doubt the need to demonstrate to the world that America CAN be trusted again, by eliminating the liars, and restoring the trust?

Cheney and Bush seeding false treasonous information

There seems to be a great deal of information masquerading as fact as to the nature of the treasonous act that have been committed by the Bush/Cheney administration. This could be that the conspiracies are starting to unravel, or it could be, as in the George W. Bush military service controversy which brought down Dan Rather the ‘facts’ being seeded in the internet may be believable, but false, and might be cited along with real evidence of the impeachable offenses commited by them. These could have been planted so that they could be refuted, and with them, the real facts relating to treasonable acts, as needed, if and when impeachment hearing begin. The GOP has never hesitated to publish outright lie’s if they thought that they could spin them later to their own advantage. Why should this be any different? They are just laying the groundwork knowing that the many crimes against American Citizens and the Constitution of the United States will eventually come to light.

Truman vs Dewey ; Bertie vs Truth

In my previous post I mentioned the Truman vs Dewey election and was reminded of the slogan most associated with Truman, and how important it was in defining the man.

The Buck stops here!

It describes an era where no one wanted to take responsibility for the problems in the government. And Truman was willing to take that buck that was being passed, and step up to the responsibilities of government errors and problems.

And I was thinking about Bertie, and how the quote could be changed to reflect his apparent behavior,

The buck stops here, in my pocket.

Except that in this case we are talking about the ‘real’ Buck, the Euro, the Quid. After all, banking out of his suitcase is his defining moment.

Fianna Fáil fail to keep their election promises,what a surprise

As is the normal modus operandi for the Fianna Fáil, they have reneged on more of their election campaign promises, when Brian (can’t balance the books) Cowen announced that the tax cuts that they used to get reelected are now renounced. Brian has a 1 BILLION Euro surplus one year, and the next, they are struggling to give themselves a 14% pay raise. Where is all that money going, there can’t be that many brown envelopes in the entire country. I guess if you do your finances out of a suitcase full of money, anything is possible.