Carnage week

Daimen Blake has a Stop the Carnage Week starting today, and I wanted to add my two bits worth. This last weekend four young men lost their lives. Everyone in the government is set to blame their youth and inexperience. But I see it differently, the accident happened on a bad road, near an unmarked (no center line) section of the road, in the wee hours of the morning, coincidently just as the pubs were closing.

Let’s put it in perspective, they were drunk, underage and driving too fast on an unmarked poorly build roads, a prescription for killing anyone, not just the young. The government won’t fix the roads, or close the pubs, or enforce the drinking age, so they are forced to blame the inexperience of the drivers as a lame diversion of responsibility.

Let’s face it we all had a hand in their deaths, for not teaching responsible drinking, and NO driving, and for accepting this government’s lack of attention to social, and infrastructure issues.