Headhunters and Monster.ie

If you have ever wondered how it feels to be a wounded deer amongst a pack of wolves? I now know, having posted my CV on monster.ie, and having ticked the ‘Public’ button with the expectation that some reputable employer might contact me, no less that eleven ‘headhunters’ have contacted me in the past week. And at first it feels good to be wanted, it has soon turned into a feeling of being a piece of meat being sold quickly to make a profit, before the ‘sell by’ date.

The only time I’ve been placed by a headhunter, it turned out to be my worst job to date. And I should remember this, but I continue to have to relearn this lesson. But as some of you know, I have very few contacts here in Ireland, and most of the jobs I found in the States came from contacts I had, or, believe it or not, my reputation, neither of which I have here.

Here in Ireland, job posting in the paper appear to be bare legal requirements rather than open positions that have been filled by preselected candidates or have requirements that require 5 years experience in a technology that has only been available for 3 years posted by HR people who don’t know a twit about what the job requirements really are.

The reality is that I would take a job in Cork at half the salary I make in Dublin (€ 60K) just to work back in Cork. Damn the fancy titles, IT ditch-digger would be fine, well, maybe but you get my drift, it’s just not worth the money to be working in Dublin. There is no other way to say it, working in Dublin sucks!

But Cork seems to be very ‘Cliquish’ and me having no contacts here is proving problematic. But I’ll bite the bullet and keep trying, the sun will shine in Cork someday, and so will I.

What will 500€ buy these days

500€ that’s proximately what the surplus means to every man woman and child in Ireland today. What could you do with 500 Euros? Maybe buy a new government, or maybe add it with your neighbor’s 500 and help fix up the local medical facilities, or maybe your estate residents could help fund a rapid transit stop in your community. Maybe with the next budget, we the citizens of Ireland could vote for what we thought the budget surplus be spent on?

This Government is not in Business

Interesting, almost everybody I’ve talked to knows that government is not a business. So why is the government hoarding it’s our money? We gave the government money to spend on maintenance and infrastructure build-out, to help people and make the future brighter and better. If they aren’t spending it, give it back, they obviously don’t need it.

They are being told by ‘economic’ genius, that they should hold on to the surplus so that there would be funds for any crisis in the future. However the only known constants in the world are death and taxes. The government will ALWAYS have enough money, This government will always increase taxes when it needs it. It always allows energy, communications and transportation businesses to increase their rate at will, so we know that they will increase taxes should a crisis arise.

So why don’t we have a world class health system, why do we have high speed trains that can’t go high speed due to poor railroad tracks. Why do we pay taxes and get nothing back, except back talk from this government?

This week we will see how bad the hoarding will be. Who are they saving our money for, us or their ‘friends’?

The Code of Hammurabi should still work.

The code is often pointed to as the first example of the legal concept that some laws are so basic as to be beyond the ability of even a king to change. By writing the laws on stone they were immutable. This concept lives on in most modern legal systems and has given rise to the term written in stone.

One of my favorite laws from this codex goes like this;

If a builder builds a house, and constructs it well, the owner will pay two shekels for each surface of the house.
If, however, he does not succeed, and the house falls in, killing the owner, the builder will be killed.
If the son of the owner dies, the son of the builder shall be killed.

In my previous post the Business community has sought to roll back the commonsense of such laws. Laws incorporated in the U.S. Constitution, the Magna Carte and even the Bible.

Big business has sought for years to create the power and privilege of ‘The Corporate Body’ or the right of the Corporation to have, and exercise, the same rights as a person. Now they are seeking to make that person, that corporate person, greater than a living person. That when they build a building and it kills the owner that they are exempt from punishment. And that when Enron collapsed the Corporate Body is not responsible. Only the maker of the bricks, should be killed.

And the Code that was once written in stone (now on that ‘god dammed piece of paper’ of the U.S. Constitution) president Bush and the GOP, the ‘defenders’ of this document are continuing it’s destruction by agreeing with this mindset. They believe that corporations are godlike, and are above the law. In that case we should not condem the Government, we should condemn the brick-maker, Bush, for the crimes of a collapsing United States?

Sounds good to me!

Who rules Congress

If you ever had any doubts who controls congress this should make it very clear. Businesses Seek Protection on Legal Front not that you didn’t know it yet. But the little guy the Joe voter on the street is going to get screwed again.

Frustrated with laws and regulations that have made companies and accounting firms more open to lawsuits from investors and the government, corporate America — with the encouragement of the Bush administration — is preparing to fight back.

reads like

Frustrated with Prevented from violating laws and regulations that have made companies and accounting firms more open accountable to lawsuits from investors and the government, corporate America — with the encouragement a payoff to of the Bush administration — is preparing to fight back grant themselves Imunitity from the law.

Honest exceptions are rare political events

The Irish are exceptionally generous people, and as such are particularly forgiving of their politicians. They often boast about who has been talking more brown envelopes than another, down at the Pub. I can only think that the general public here expect that taking bribes and ‘wink and a handshake’ deals are the norm for all politicians, and that to get anything done, it’s who you know, not how honestly you deal with people.

The worst thing is, these things are almost the first thing I ever hear about Irish politicians, and that hasn’t changed in the 4+ years I’ve been here. When the general population believe that they live in a third world banana republic, then truly they don’t show much faith in their current government to make things better. And their lack of motivation to change this government reminds me of a passage in the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

This may be the situation here, that they believe they can do no better, but this sure sets the bar very low as regards to the implied social contract of the people with their government. The Irish should expect better from their elected officials, they should expect to be treated as generously by their government, as they treat their own neighbors and the odd tourist that cross their paths.

Aer Lingus expectations falling

If you haven’t noticed, the government has been busy lowering expectations on the value of their, and the Irish publics 80% share in the privatization’s efforts of Aer Lingus. They have been so busy that “Mr Ahern has taken a defamation action against Mr O’Brien arising from his claim that he had given the Fianna Fáil leader £50,000 on behalf of a property developer” as a red herring.

Or maybe not, in any case the Irish Elections are starting to get interesting.

Why don’t the Americans riot against Bush

If the Hungarians can riot about a government that lies to win an election as here:

The violence erupted at the state TV building following a largely peaceful rally calling on Mr Gyurcsany to quit.

In a leaked tape, Mr Gyurcsany admitted his government had lied to the public.

His comments, which were recorded just after a general election in April, have prompted calls for his resignation from opposition parties.

Why won’t the American’s riot against Bush, a master at lying to the americans? Mr. Gyurcsany only lied about the economy, Bush has been caught flatfooted in more lies than you can count. Why is he still in power, because the truth in the U.S. died a long time ago, that’s why. And the press have failed in their responsibility to report the facts to the american people.

Tax free Science and Maths

If Ireland can support the Arts and Music with a tax free environment, but is now worried about Science, Mathematics and Research. Why not grant the same favor to Scientists, Mathematicians and Researchers? Since there are fewer Scientists, and Mathematicians, than there are Artists and musicians, and in generally they make less money, and hence pay less taxes anyway, why not support them, and make it entirely free of taxation.

This might go a long way to making Science and Math more interesting as a career and might bring in more research institutes and Business to Ireland.

The people of Ireland are owed shares of Aer Lingus

If the Irish government owns 80% shares in Aer Lingus, then the Citizens of Ireland own 80% of Aer Lingus. When Aer Lingus to float’s in September The Citizens of Ireland should automatically receive their shares as a part of the transaction. No if’s, and’s or But’s. This airline is owned by the people of Ireland and should have their money looked after by themselves, not some lowlife politician taking brown envelopes under the table to line their own pockets. This time let everyone watch who gets rich on this deal.

Oil and the Island of Ireland

In resent years the Irish government in agreement with EU directives has handicapped it’s agricultural and fishing indrustry in order to secure funding of various infrastructure projects. And while in the short term this has benefited the Irish people, this is very much a shortsighted view, a typical Irish view of, ‘It’ll be alright’. However the issue is the assumption that the future will be, more or less like the present. And that is where it all falls down, the future of oil is not just one of increasing cost, it’s the eventual loss of oil altogether. This coupled with global warming issues poses different issues to Ireland, and to a lesser degree England.

They are Islands, truly geographiclly and economically. Issues of food production and importation are less of a concern to the continent EU than to the Islands of EU. Irish politicans are desperate to avoid thinking about what would happen without cheap oil, and the shipping of imported food and other commodities into Ireland. If food importation were to end tomorrow, vast numbers of people would starve in Ireland, perhaps worse than the famine years.

This is the future of Ireland, increasing food costs for imported food and goods, as there is less natively produced agricultural products and fishing. This will lead to economic ruin for most other industrial development as cost of living expences will drive industries to move to cheaper locations. Eventually with the complete loss of oil, Ireland will be isolated and destitute. And the Irish politicians who’s shortsightedness has destroyed Ireland, will be living elsewhere.

The Irish government should be focused on making Ireland self sufficient, less dependent on importation of food, and energy. All effort should conclude with infrastructure to support Irish food production, windfarms, and green issues.

The current government apparently does not have this perspective, and in the future, the Irish must seek to replace the narrowminded, shortsighted Fianna Fáil politicans. The future of the Island of Ireland is at stake.

Outsourcing motovation.

I was thinking about outsourcing again, and the subject of what benefit to the business results from outsourcing. As there are no costs saving for outsourcing the actual work, another reason had to be found, Pensions! News articles like; Are Pensions the Next Fiscal Crisis? and Whoops! There Goes Another Pension Plan have illuminated the chief benefit of outsourcing, the elimination of pensions. Many companies are more and more eliminating pensions in the form of contributions to 401K plans which do not need long term funding, many companies have been underfunding their pensions so long now that anyone approaching pension age should be leery of ever cashing in on one, at least without legal council. This has become the new cheat in hiring practice, promise a pension, then don’t deliver it. Or better, use the pension scheme as a tax free slush fund, then don’t deliver.

As a cautionary warning, if a big company offers you a pension, ask for cash, or have the money placed into a personal 401K or private pension fund. there is no sense trusting a company to look after their employees, that’s history.