Oil Pipeline through Lebanon?

If I had my tin-hat on correctly and I was to draw a line representing a pipeline from the Iraqi oil fields to the mediterranean sea which direction would it take? If the U.S. takes control of the conflict in Lebanon to make peace there. Does this make a straight line or what?

3 comments on “Oil Pipeline through Lebanon?

  1. Is this a joke? You could draw a line through jordan and israel as well. It would be a lot simpler to bring the pipeline to the south of Iraq

  2. I did suggest that my tin hat was straight 😉

    But if the U.S. controlled south lebanon, and Israel could be made to attack Syria then the U.S. could control the entire length of pipeline, through Syria, and Lebanon without having to ship oil through the Gulf of Hormuz, with No Arabic, or Israeli intervention.

    Is that tin hat material or what?

  3. Check your history,
    There already is a pipeline from Iraq through Syria to Tripoli, Lebanon. It was built in the 20’s when Britain (and BP) ruled the middle east.
    If you recall, the Brits had kings in all those places. In other words, its been done.

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