Dublin, second city of the British Empire

I was watching a historic program the other day, and was amazed that Dublin was considered the Second City of the British Empire, Second to London! Very interesting, so, in fact the people who pride themselves on being Dubliners are really (secretly) proud to be from the second city of the British Empire 😉 and not really Irish at all :-0

Maybe that is why they continue to believe that corrupt politicians are the norm, and continue to vote for Bertie, better the devil you know, Eh!

Please Vote for me because…

Please Vote for us because …

Because I did not take bribes (don’t you believe him?)

Because I don’t burn cars, sell drugs, or support crime (don’t you feel safer?)

Because I don’t keep patients waiting on gurneys (just don’t get sick!)

Because I’m not continuing with stealth taxes (I can feel that extra change in my pocket)

Because I won’t shoot my foot off (I’m from stab city)


we won’t continue to give away public land to private Hospital developers as the next step in privatizing health-care

we won’t give away more public services like Eircom, and Aerlingus.

we won’t build and give away more public roads and bridges to NTR

we won’t continue to support monopolistic private businesses like VHI,
Eircom ( want to buy some shares?), NTR, etc

And above all, We will restore the Freedom of Information act, and become truly transparent!

Does anyone want to buy a bridge?

How Sinn Féin could win the election.

If Sinn Féin wanted my vote, they would blowup the Toll booths on all the Irish toll roads. Particularly after NTR boosted the rate for autos to 1.70 Euro just before the Easter Bank weekend. After only 6 months in operation on the M7, this would make a 6% increase, and if that were to happen again, 12% per year. And we don’t live in Rip-off Ireland?

Why would we continue to have Finna Fail spend public funds for roads only to have their friends at NTR reap the profits from the very people who paid for the roads.

Maybe blowup could be a bit strong, but you get my meaning. Maybe a bit of St. Patrick, and drive the snakes out of Ireland.