Dublin, second city of the British Empire

I was watching a historic program the other day, and was amazed that Dublin was considered the Second City of the British Empire, Second to London! Very interesting, so, in fact the people who pride themselves on being Dubliners are really (secretly) proud to be from the second city of the British Empire 😉 and not really Irish at all :-0

Maybe that is why they continue to believe that corrupt politicians are the norm, and continue to vote for Bertie, better the devil you know, Eh!

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  1. I only wish that the assembly here in the north would start building more motorways,but without the toll charges please, especially a new motorway between Belfast and Derry. The present route consits of the M2 motorway, dual carriage,single lane road, roundabouts, back to dual carriage way etc. For people who want to get from point A to point B it makes more sense to build motorways. It will probably cut down on the number of deaths on the existing road system. The smaller towns are congested with through traffic. The small town of Toome in county Antrim for example pleaded for years to have a new ring road built to ease the congestion. They finally got their wish a few years ago. And as for drunk drivers and wee boy racers, they will always be around regardless of the route or road type.

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