Predicting a vote Theft

Articles like the one at Slate: WHERE THE ELECTIONS STAND TODAY is a prescription for Vote Theft. Not that they are promoting theft, but by presenting ‘opinion’ as facts, and displaying the point spread of the two Presidential candidates, McCain and Obama, as if they were very close together. They promote doubt about the real margin so should there be wide spread vote fraud, the public will not suspect it as easily. There is a vast difference in the chances of winning. There is currently a 60% chance Obama will win against a 38% chance McCain will win at Intrade. That is a 22 point advantage for Obama, not even including any indecision on the part of the public. Intrade has had the most accurate data in this and the previous elections in the U.S. making any other prediction, propaganda, clear and simple.

President Biden

That doesn’t sound too bad, after all that will be the result should Barack Obama fall ill, or be assassinated, the Vice-Presidential nominee Joe Biden assumes the position of President. And that likelihood is very high, as Obama will have a serious segment of the U.S. population enraged, the bigots and racist that constitute the radical GOP right wing.

Hillary almost Lost Indiana

There was a time last night when trading on Hillary indicated she might loose. That does not bode well for her. In any case, maybe the voters in the Democratic Party are becoming aware She can neither win the nomination, nor the Presidential Election, should she be able to get the nomination by hook or by crook.

The advantage of pessimism

The advantage of pessimism is that you can be happily surprised by the outcome of events. The pessimist is never disappointed by the outcome of any given outcome, because they are always forecast to come out badly. So it is with great pessimism that I project that Hillary will win the Indiana Primary. I hope she looses this state, but being the pessimist I must project the worst possible outcome for the Democratic Party. She has been lying and fabricating so much lately, she has earned this prize. NOT!

Hillary’s rising fortune, floats McCain’s boat

I got an email from Intrade and read the interesting fact that as Hillary’s chances (over the last few days) for becoming the Democratic Nominee for President rise out of her previous low chances, The probability that John McCain to Win the 2008 US Presidential Election goes up also.

The specter of a Hillary nomination as the Democratic candidate, Makes the probability that McCain will be the next President greater.

This should be a serious concern for the Democratic Party, if Hillary gets nominated, McCain Wins! Call that a prediction, because it will be mine.

Hillary Lost … Honor, creditability and honesty

More or less I was correct, Hillary lost, while Boosting about starting more wars to defend the Jewish voters of Pennsylvania, she lost creditability. With the dirty politics she lost Honesty and with her Carl Rove political tricks and fear mongering she lost the last of her Honor. It’s too bad she never sees herself in the mirror, she will never see herself in the whitehouse again, except in her dreams.

Hillary Quits!

Hillary has quit the race, Obama is now the clear winner of the Democratic Nomination for President. Rumors were circulating this morning that Hillary has decided to be a stay-at-home wife, and take care of Bill in their home in upstate New York. Her change of heart is credited with renewed sense of maternal instincts that she nurtured deep in her psyche.

Hillary has become a Democratic Albatross

Hillary has placed herself outside the Democratic Party and into the Ream of Carl Rove better described as the Eighth Circle of Hell where the sins of conscious fraud or treachery are sent. She is not the instrument of change in Washington, only the purveyor of status quo where insiders rule the government. The Democratic party had best get their act together, and require Hillary to drop out before the Presidential Election is decided in favor of the Republicans prior to the National conventions even begin.