Hillary has become a Democratic Albatross

Hillary has placed herself outside the Democratic Party and into the Ream of Carl Rove better described as the Eighth Circle of Hell where the sins of conscious fraud or treachery are sent. She is not the instrument of change in Washington, only the purveyor of status quo where insiders rule the government. The Democratic party had best get their act together, and require Hillary to drop out before the Presidential Election is decided in favor of the Republicans prior to the National conventions even begin.

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  1. Jane Freeman … was the first lady of Minnesota at the end of the 1950s, when her husband, the late Orville Freeman, was governor. In 1961, Orville served as secretary of agriculture under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Though she’ll be 87 years old in May 2008, Jane Freeman is still engaged behind the scenes in local and national politics.

    “I am so disappointed in Hillary’s campaign,” Jane Freeman said, pointing out her distaste for and distrust of Terry McAuliffe, the former head of the Democratic National committee who is Clinton’s campaign chairman. “It’s the same old retreads. Running a campaign nowadays, you have to have current and future generations. I haven’t seen one new face with her, not a one. They’re going to fight the same old battles.”

    Mrs. Freeman said she feels a sense of gender betrayal. “It’s very hard for me not to be for a woman. My goodness, I’ve worked for women and girls all my life,” Freeman said. “My friends say, ‘We’ve fought so hard for a woman president, we have to have a woman president.’ But with some of the tactics she’s using, it makes it impossible for a woman to get elected. She’s nice, then she’s screaming, really screaming, at how bad Obama is. I can hear every man in America say, ‘Well, there’s a woman for you.’ … I think about her campaign and I cry, and I cry, and I cry.”

    Quoted are from MinnPost.com

  2. There will NEVER be a combo ticket with Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama. It would be a disaster. Even Bill knows it would be no dream ticket — a nightmare. The Clintons would send Obama, if he were VP, to the most obscure places for four years — tell him NOTHING about waht was going on. If Obama were President, he’d have to contend with their interference on a daily basis, trying to upstage him at every turn.

    I fact, Mrs. Clinton would more logically run with McCain, rather than with another Democrat. She was originally a Republican — util it was to her advantage to switch, and has never really departed from her roots.

    She shows little loyalty to one party or another – she only wants control of the highest office and will do anything or say anything to get it (a feminine Joe Lieberman?).

    I’m sickened by her disingenuousness. I’m sickened by her smears and her lack of morals.

    Her egocentric healthcare program was a disaster, didn’t even get support fom Sen Moynihan (D., N.Y.)! It set back the cause for a decade.

    As first lady, she ran the Lincoln bedroom as a bed and breakfast for rich contributors. She cared little what Bill was up to in the White House itself.

    Is there any truth to the rumor that the Republicans are doing a legal brief on whether they can challenge Hillary’s election (if such comes about) in the Supreme Court — on the basis that she is a surrogate for Bill and as a wife legally bound to him? Since he is barred under the 22nd Amendment from becoming President, is she? All they would need is the Supreme Court taking the case.

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