URL shortening Censorship

My new site at http://ideaforecasting.com/ just got censored by the twitter URL shortening service at http://bit.ly/ using SURBL

Warning – this site has been flagged by SURBL and may contain unsolicited content.

The content of this web page appears to contain spam, or links to unsolicited or undesired sites.

Source: http://ideaforecasting.office-on-the.net/ideaforecasting/Site/Ideas.php

You can learn more about harmful content at www.StopBadware.org.
You can find out more about phishing from www.antiphising.org.

There is NOunsolicited content‘ on this site, and if you follow it link you will know. This is the most blatant censorship I’ve seen to date.

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  1. I have change some of the links around to attempt to change the ‘Classification’ but in the first instance it made no difference. I’m not sure if the URL redirect or the fact that the page link is a PHP page. We’ll see!

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