Internet Censorship

It has come to me just now why the U.S. has tried to block the adoption of the ‘.xxx’ domain. It came to me when reading this article on the BBC Internet child porn block calls.

If there is the xxx domain, and the porn sites moved to this domain. Parental blocking of these sites would be easy.

And hence the real reason. Content could be blocked by domain address, rather than via filtering content. Utilizing filtering, any kind of censorship can me undertaken. You could block anything that is deemed ‘Obscene’. And that is a very soft definition. Any religious, or political subject could be considered obscene, and therefore block-able.

Child porn is only the trojan horse to begin this paradigm shift in thinking.

Now I’m sure this is not a surprise to some, but I just had to state this out-loud.

Interesting how the spellchecker brought up BlackBall along with Block-able. The new McCarthyism?