2 comments on “A Picture of a DYI Server

  1. Do you actually have 3 virtual machines running in that Atom box? I’ve been thinking of building something similar and there would be pretty nice bang for the buck if such lowly hardware can handle 3 virtual servers well.

  2. Actually No! Although it could be done with Sun Partitions, not VMware which is more intense. I do have VirtualBox on the system and it works very smoothly. but the real problem would be that the motherboard only supports 2GB of memory (which it has) to three virtual server would be too short of memory, 2 yes, three no. I have been amazed at the performance of of the duel Atom processors, as you can see the hyper-threading makes it look like a quad process system, and vastly outperforms the Sun E420 we just decommissioned at the office. A MySQL load test that took 16 minutes on a Dell Zion server took 17 minutes with similar SATA drives with the Atom.

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