The Nokia N900 is a Fake

From the email this morning…

We regret to inform you that the following items have been delayed as we are still awaiting stock from our suppliers :

“Nokia N900 Mobile Computer with Maemo 5 Software”
Estimated arrival date: December 17 2009

One of Amazon’s aims is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we have fallen short. Please accept our sincere apologies.

I order this on the

2nd of Oct 2009

and this is the third delay. Could Nokia get the release of this phone more wrong? No! they have nothing to release, it’s a fake, vaporware! There are stories out there of Nokia shipping empty boxes to keep up the illusion. I’t no wonder that the boxes themselves look so cheap, they are cheap mockups.

Time to look for another REAL smartphone.

UPDATE: It REALLY is a fake I just received this email from Amazon on Sunday the 13th;

We regret to inform you that your order will take longer to fulfill than originally estimated. Our supplier has notified us that there is a delay obtaining stock for the following items you ordered on October 02 2009.

And the Amazon web page now states that the ‘Product’ is “Currently unavailable.
We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock”

10 comments on “The Nokia N900 is a Fake

  1. Come on….. that you orderd from a retailer which is having a hard time getting the device, is not the fault of nokia.

    Nokia screwed up a bit with the launch because the device is so popular. But problems around delivery have plagued allmost all high-end devices. Paper releases and everything included, samsung, SE, everyone.

    People who orderd from nokia have the device in their hands right now, as I have also. It was known to some degree that pre-ordering with nokia would get you the devices the quickest. The rest will recieve it in December.

    So bare with it a bit, the device is quite good. 🙂

  2. Awe come on…. its not fake, I have mine already… from amazon. The problem is that there is NO transparency at Amazon and their staff refuse to explain what is going on.

  3. How can this phone be a ‘fake’ and ‘vaporware’ when I have a retail version in my HANDS? Nokia is a European company, so it can’t supply in America as much as it wants to as compared to companies based in America. Also, I just received my N900 today and I’m in Kuwait. Good day sir.

  4. But is a fake, it’s a fake PRODUCTION mobile phone. It was never intended to be anything more than a prototype. An experimental Maemo device for developers. Ill bet that there were fewer than 2,000 even built before their lame marketing department got involved. Not realizing they’d managed to hit a ‘hot’ Button with the public, they were caught flatfooted without product to sell. And in a lame attempt, kept delaying the release until they cranked up another marketing run.

    It’s a fake, as in prototype, not production, even the software is changing faster than they can make more handsets.

    Lame, Lame Lame!

    And I wish Nokia would just admit that they fucked up and admit this fiasco.

  5. It’s kind of hard to cancel something that doesn’t exist. But No, I haven’t yet! I’ve drawn yet another line in the sand and I could say that the arguments put forth in the comments convinced me to stay the course, but it wouldn’t be true. I’m just not that needy, but since the next due date is more or less Christmas. If they don’t make it, I’m telling Santa on them!

  6. Well it sounds like you don’t actually believe your own rubbish if you still have it on order.

    Oh, I ordered mine last week and they put it in the post this evening.

    Enjoy the wait.

  7. I believe my rubbish, I think the N900 was intended to be a prototype and developer platform for Maemo 6. For developers only, and some marketing weeny without a brain thought it would be ‘cool’ ‘neeto’ ‘Rad’ to see if they could push it as a product. Or else the Maemo Team got off the leash, with a wild hair up their Ass and thought it would be ‘cool’ ‘neeto’ ‘Rad’ and management wouldn’t let them. So they squeaked out a ‘NON’ Announcement about a ‘NON’ Release date. And here is where we ended up.

    Prove me wrong, why is it that Nokia got this handset release so wrong. And don’t tell me everyone gets it wrong, because it’s not true. Motorola didn’t screw up the Droid, HTC didn’t for the Hero, Vodafone 360 launched without delays.

    What’s up Nokia, no one home?

  8. So all of this theory is down to the fact that the phone was a bit late.

    Yet if this phone is so “fake” you’re still willing to pay around 500quid for it?

    Sounds like your wasting your money and just want to buy something so you can moan and complain about how it’s just “fake”. Save us all an earful and cancel the order. Get an iphone and be happy.

  9. I also bought one of the first Newton’s. I actually got someone on the East coast to go buy me one, and send it to me in Washington State where they weren’t available yet. I am enjoying the same thrill of anticipation with this item also, if you have read this blog, you may have found that I have quite a collection of Object du Desir d’ Compute This one may become one also, perhaps with a longer lifespan than my old Newton.

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