Amazon Looses a customer, Nokia N900 a Failure.

Well after all the lame excuses for a release that Nokia has be performing with the N900 it’s should come as no surprise that I was notified that it has been delayed again. This time Amazon is not expecting to receive any product until after the 25 of December.

How lame can Nokia be? If anyone doesn’t believe that the Nokia N900 is a fake product only has to count the numbers of real handsets shipped. It should tally under 1000, a typical prototype batch run. What has been being publicized, have been those chosen few who have been shipped a ‘demo’ unit, or a few select squeaky wheels on the Internet that needed to broadcast the N900 greatness.

Guess what, I’m not one of them.

So just as a suggestion, if anyone actually HAS a real, purchased Nokia N900, would tell me where and from whom.

Fundamentally, if anyone wants to know why Nokia is failing in the Smartphone arena, they only need to look to the N900 release, or rather the failure to release of a real product.

5 comments on “Amazon Looses a customer, Nokia N900 a Failure.

  1. I’m glad to tell you I got my N900 a little more than a week ago. My carrier’s shops have them in stock, and by signing up for a data plan I got it for €250. I can tell you it’s really real. 😉

  2. Oh well, I guess that works as an excuse. I guess you don’t know anyone in the UK you could have it delivered to. or phone Nokia Ireland and ask if their stores stock the phone.

  3. N900 appears to be a major level failure! I suppose they pulled it out of the market, just read all the negative comments about it on different forums. is full of negative comments written by users who have now received the handset.

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