Nokia N900 to be locked to Vodafone network.

It looks like all the previous vendors (eXpansys, Amazon UK and other suppliers) of the Unlocked Nokia N900 have been consistently denied product to sell by Nokia. Now the word is, that the N900 will be exclusively the product of The Carphone Warehouse (with a Vodafone ontract) and Vodafone UK.

This means only one thing, there will be NO SIM Unlocked Nokia N900’s. They will all be locked to Vodafone SIMs and further OTA updates will be to Vodafone specifications. With the advent of Vodafone 360 they will be more and more tied to this service. You really can reach no other conclusion, so much for Nokia’s commitment to Open Source and Open Source developers.

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  1. Because the OTA has not been sent yet, there is a OTA update scheduled just after the Vodafone release about 10 Jan 2010 that will change things 🙂

  2. Really? based on what exactly?

    You didn’t support any of your statements in the original post either.

    From all I’ve read vodafone only has exclusivity on the phone until the end of January anyway then other networks can have it.

  3. I am always suspicious, the Carriers are very powerful, Nokia needs Vodafone particularly with Vodafone leaning to Samsung. Both Amazon UK and eXpansys were cufoff from the N900 preorders, The Carphone Warehouse will only sell them with a Vodafone contract, what’s not to suspect?

    As for how, the OTA can reprogram and change setting as well as remotely delete the contents and reset the N900.

  4. You really think Nokia is going to force people who paid full price for the phone onto one network without choice (other than don’t upgrade firmware)?

    Nokia might need Vodafone, but what use is that if they have no customers left after pissing them all off?

    That’s clearly not going to happen. People who by the phone on Vodafone might get a Vodafone branded update (imo unlikely). Everyone else will get the standard one.

    Just out of interest where did you get the 10th Jan OTA update date from?

  5. I picked up the date from comments posted by others, who talked with Vodafone support, Vodafone release on the 7th, update on the 10th. But customer support could have been making it up.

    There may be two releases, one for the prototypes that are all out there now, Vodafone N900’s will get another, then Nokia will have to support two classes of releases, that seems manageable.

    Vodafone has always been noted for their desire to have users do what they want with their own phones, the very description of an Un-tethered N900.


    UPDATE Note: Nokia N900 not compatible with Three Funny how that works…

  6. — UPDATE Note: Nokia N900 not compatible with Three Funny how that works… —

    Old news. Identified months ago and already fixed in the source. Just need to wait for this “vodafone only” firmware to be released.

    Also someone ought to tell the companies selling the N900 on T-Mobile and Orange ( that from next month all their customers will need to switch to vodafone 😉

    Also the new firmware is with community developers for testing.

    Strange they don’t mention you can only use it on prototypes or vodafone 😉

    Happy Holidays

  7. Hi Branedy, how can you say that there will be NO SIM Unlocked Nokia N900’s? How could I be purchasing an unlocked N900 from Expansys (in stock now) and be held to vodafone upgrades? None of what you are saying makes sense given that the N900 is now freely for sale across Europe unlocked/sim free.

  8. There appears to be a first wave, call it prototypes ( I’m estimating under 5,000 but the number could be as low at 1,000) N900’s ‘In the Wild’. They were sent through the usual channels Nokia uses for SIM free phones, then Vodafone a make deal with Nokia to add them to their network. These will be ‘tied’ to Vodafone requirements.

    I’ve had a expansys order, and canceled it when it was delayed, then I reordered it again when they showed ‘In Stock’ but it hasn’t shipped yet, so I’m still suspicious.

  9. Do you think this is why nokia retail are currently selling a sim free n900 for 500 pounds whereas they are selling a pay as you go N900 (on vodafone) for 470.

  10. just purchased n900 from carphone warehouse last week (vodafone contract), i travel alot and dont wana be stuck with using the fone only using voda. gona try using the mrs o2 sim 2mro morning to find out.

  11. I just took delivery of my N900 yesterday afternoon, and the MaxRoam SIM I was intending to use could connect to the O2 Network in Ireland, but it wouldn’t let me phone anyone. It could send SMS, just no voice. Probably a setting, but who knows. I’m currently using a Vodafone pay-as-you-go card and it seems to work fine.

  12. This article is complete made up hogwash. No way will a firmware update relock an unlocked radio. And if Vodafone / Nokia did attempt to force legitimate users of the N900 on other networks onto Vodafone, or to locked previoulsy unlocked sets, OFCOM and the other regulatory bodies would be down on them like a ton of bricks for anti-competitive behaviour as well as breach of contract.
    Blogs like this really get up my nose, with clueless idiots publishing ill-informed rumour as fact without a single shred of evidence to support it.

  13. Well don’t hold anything back 🙂 As for over-the-air updates creating lock in, Apple has done it every time it’s updated the iPhone and relocked ‘jail broken’ iPhones. Nokia announced an ‘Exclusive’ deal with Vodafone, and the only other reseller at the time was Car Phone Warehouse, which was only selling Vodafone contracts. How else would you read that? It’s all history now, where were you? BTW, OFCOM only works in the UK, not the rest of Europe, and not at all in Ireland.

  14. Hi, Yes vodafone had a an exclusive contract only for a while. Vodafone cannot impose any restrictions. Infact you can get the factory unlocked version from carphone warehouse (on o2 and one other network i cannot remember) as pay as you go. You can also get factory unlocked from nokia, amazon and numerous other independent seller. Please update the blog and refrain from spreading bad information.

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