Learning the Nokia N900

Another day, another experience. Yesterday I managed to strech the Nokia N900 battery to more than a full day. This isn’t a miracle, it only takes turning off all the cute, but ultimatly useless eyecandy widgits. Not that they don’t look nice, they just spin up the CPU a lot.

However, today was much busier, lots of SMS, lots of Skype IM, calls and what not. I tried the GPS and bought a car charger. I then managed to download the new firmware update. I haven’t really see a much of a difference. But I have not tested, or timed everything yet either.

The update did not install cleanly, twice it claimed to not have enough memory. So I removed some of the apps I had been playing with, but did not intend to keep anyway. And it managed to install, but it did not manage to fix the media player that still does not play any video. I chock this up to a corrupt or missing media library.

Still, I am blogging from it, and I’m learning new things. It’s functional and feature rich, what more can you ask for?

One comment on “Learning the Nokia N900

  1. This update might look minor at first…. but access to the Ovi store is sure to open up a whole load of goodness in the longer term.

    While the nokia n900 deals with all the rich web content you can throw at it, there’s tonnes of apps that you can get for N97 mini, E71, 5800 etc, that I’d love to see on the N900.

    This first update is certainly a step in the right direction!

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