Apple’s iPad, misses the mark.

Since I didn’t bother to comment on what is now a fan frenzy event and the flurry of rumors preceding it, the Apple iPad has now appeared, and I will comment, Meh! Everything that the pad does, I can do with the Nokia N900, for less money, and I can carry mine anywhere. I even have a real, though small keyboard. Mind you I like the new screen, it’s nicely sized, but I have a MacBook with a bigger better screen. Is there really a gap to fill, sure sort of, and this can fill it, maybe, but will it be the next big ‘thing’ NO!

UPDATE: The spec indicates only 720p Video playback, and that’s probably due to the performance of the Apple CPU, putting it into Intel Atom processor range as far a horsepower goes.

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  1. Agreed. I had two things I wanted it to do….run Lightroom, and not be a giant iPod touch. The only up side, is that it has shared memory, so I can throw my .pdfs on it. The picture viewer would be great for a photo portfolio, but I’d rather have something where I can review my shots…and it doesn’t handle RAW. Fail.

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