Ballincollig Castle

With all the rampant housing projects here in Ballincollig, we got wind of a project to build houses right up against the Moat at Ballincollig Castle. This Castle has been a neglected asset at the edge of town for ages, and now that the new bypass has exposed it to passing traffic it’s time to clean it up and make it accessible to the public. To that end we have set up a blogspace (as opposed to a regular webpage) at Ballincollig Heritage and there is an Article in the Echo as well.

There has been a plan in the works for this in the Co. Cork commissions office since 2003, but in typical fashion nothing has been done.

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  1. Ballincollig Castle is an interesting ruin, probably the oldest building in the Ballincollig Area. Although it is mostly a ruin, the main tower (other then the very top) is still intact and climbing to the top floor is possible via stairs, and a side tower built into the curtain wall is accesable to those who can climb a 6 foot wall.
    Destroying this treasure would be abosolultly ridiculas, as would leaving it in its present manner, it is very dirty and littered with a lot of cans. It is a part of the whole history of Ballincollig, and losing it to apartments would be a showing of lack of honour and pride on those in Ballincollig. Saying this it should be made more accesable to the public.

  2. Do you mean Kilumney Castle when you talk about ballincollig castle.For gods sake dont let the council “develop” it or restore it.They will make a pigs ear of it.
    For a great historic house, go to Barryscourt, Carrigtwohill,near midleton.This is restoration as it should be.

  3. Dear Sir regarding your introduction on Ballincollig Castle as posted above. The plight of Ballincollig castle and the intended housing development that was to be built was first highlighted and brought to the attention of the general public and politicians by an eight page colorf eature which appeared and was publishedin a local magazine back in January 2006. It was this feature that galvanised public outrage and the fight to save the castle and lands was spearheaded by this magazine named ‘The Ballincollig Advertiser’. Ballincollig heritage the Echo and all other s jumped on the band wagon afterwards. Please give credit where credit is due. Thanking you.

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