MeeGo is now Dead, as a Mobile OS.

This article MeeGo will not displace Symbian as enterprise OS has now demonstrated that Meego is no longer supported by Nokia, and it will be left to die with Maemo as a ‘Non-Runner’ in the Mobile-OS arena. It also indicates that Nokia Management has gone down the MicroSoft path to complete irrelevance in the Mobile Phone market. It’s no wonder the Maemo/Meego managers and developers at Nokia are leaving. Most are heading to the surviving Mobile OS’s Android, Web-OS, iOS and Blackberry.

NOTE: and the BS continues, with Intel killing off MeeGo for Tizen to further delay or destroy Open Source for mobile devices.

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  1. I really generated some ICQ conversations amongst the MeeGo developers…

    mece Gaaah! Idiots. “MeeGo is now Dead, as a Mobile OS. #Nokia #Meego #maemo” 11:26
    *** dneary has joined #meego 11:26
    RST38h oh really? 11:26
    *** uhef has joined #meego 11:26
    Stskeeps well, it’s good to see the PR machine is waking up, they must be seeing us as a threat then 😉 11:26
    Myrtti the original article… 11:27
    mece hey. there’s a button you can click that deems the post “Worthless” 😀 11:27
    *** pfl1 has joined #meego 11:28
    RST38h The article sounds like a Symbian guy saying that Symbian will not be displaced by Meego 11:29
    *** jsv has left #meego 11:29
    RST38h So, why is it a surprise? 11:29
    *** jsv has joined #meego 11:29
    *** aleksandar has joined #meego 11:30
    mece this was the one with the “Worthless” button: 11:30
    mece go click 🙂 11:30
    Termana I think this: 11:34
    Termana “It’s very important to note that Symbian is the primary platform today and will also be the primary platform in the future,” Nurmi said. 11:34
    *** tcs-meego has quit IRC 11:34
    Termana Has been taken out of context 11:34
    Termana I think Nurmi meant primary platform in the future FOR ENTERPRISE 11:34
    Termana Nokia’s enterprise customers at that 11:34
    Myrtti I don’t think anyone at Nokia has ever claimed that MeeGo/Maemo will be pushed to the enterprise devices 11:35
    Myrtti then again, I’ve not had enough coffee today 11:35
    *** tcs-meego has joined #meego 11:35
    RST38h Myrtti: The only “official” statement I remember was that N-series will be using Meego 11:36
    Myrtti RST38h: indeed 11:36
    RST38h Absolutely nothing about E, C, or X series though 11:36
    Termana Myrtti, right, but I think whoever wrote this thought that the article meant that it’s not a primary platform at all, where as I think the article was saying not a primary platform for Nokia enterprise customers 11:36
    *** kismeter has joined #meego 11:36
    RST38h Termana: “technology bloggers” are dime a bunch nowadays, so I am not sure why this particular one is so important 11:37
    Termana RST38h, it’s not. It’s just the one being discussed :p 11:37
    Myrtti I’ve never even heard of him, which is why I looked up the original article he was referencing to 11:37
    *** alvinator has quit IRC 11:38
    RST38h Termana: Maybe I should start a blog spelling corporate doom for Nokia, etcon on daily basis 11:38
    Termana There was another blogger who was obviously on crack that thought everyone thought that MeeGo was doomed 11:38
    dneary RST38h, Myrtti, I fully expect Symbian to live on as the platform of choice for most of the feature phones Nokia makes over the next 5 years 11:38
    RST38h Termana: And add it to the Planet news roll, just to seed it with controversy and butthurt =) 11:38
    dneary Termana, He mistook developer modesty & pessimism for institutional pessimism 11:38
    dneary Termana, Developers are low-key – especially when you’re talking to them about their work 11:39
    Myrtti dneary: it’s easy to do that with a inherently Finnish company 11:39
    ali1234 no. feature phones run S40 11:39

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