New Toy – CnM Touchpad II

Ok, lets name all the things this new Android pad isn’t

  • No Camera’s either front nor back,
    First almost ALL pads have terrible cameras, making them almost useless, and the Facetime crowd is a passing fad, besides I have video Skype on my Nokia N900
  • No 3G wireless internet
    It does support 3G Dongles, which can be purchased anywhere, and 3G roaming is super expensive
  • No Android 2.3 (yet) or 3.0 (never)
    There are hacker versions of Android 2.2, and 2.3 however Android 2.1 still constitutes 27% of the market.
  • No iOS Eco-System or Market
    Thank God, no Apple in my pocket, or looking over my shoulder
  • No Android Market (almost)
    It’s loaded, and sees the market, just can’t download and apps
  • No GPS
    I have GPS on my fore mentioned Phone (another battery killer) it does have Google Maps

What it does have is;

  • A full sized USB2 connector that can take 3G Dongles, Flash Dives and keyboards
  • HDMI output to 720P
  • A Mini-USB connector to host
  • A TF-SD slot to 16GB
  • 3.5 mm audio connector
  • built in trackball
  • A pile of pre-loaded, not installed apps.

And it cost less than 150.00€

2 comments on “New Toy – CnM Touchpad II

  1. Hi I have just got myself one of these, and I’ve installed a few of the pre loaded apps which are fine, but I wondered if you cant use the android market, how do you get new apps? Is there a way to download new apps from a computer onto a SD card, then install the new apps on the tablet like with the pre loaded apps?

  2. Got one of these last week. I love this pad. I also have a 10.1 inch pad, but 7 inch is much more handy. It has a nice solid feel, with a rubbery back. The screen is very sensitive. I use this for reading ebooks, and this size fits into one’s hands perfectly. I recently upgrates from CNM’s official site (yes there is 2.2) and ir comes with full on market!

    So I say thumbs up to this tab, and with a price of under £99, one cannot complain!

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