My new Android Laptop

With the addition of a 20€ keyboard/case from Amazon my El-Cheapo 7″ Android Pad becomes a Laptop. And while the keyboard is small, it’s faster and more accurate to type on than the slightly too sensitive resistive touch screen on the pad. It really does transform the Android ‘experience’, highly recommended.

2 comments on “My new Android Laptop

  1. Thanks for the info.
    I’ve got one of the touchpads and also bought the case with keyboard. Trouble was, the ‘m’ key didn’t work! I’ve had to send it back to Amazon. I will update the software as the version I’ve got kept reverting the USB to host mode so that the pad always had to be reconfigured after switch off. Did you eliminate that problem with the update?


  2. One of my keys next to the space bar dropped off while on vacation, and I managed to lose it, the button still works though. And no, I did not manage to keep the USB Host mode from being reset to off after every reboot. The trick is to not reboot 🙂

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