Android WEP/WPA useless login features

I have come to the conclusion that if Android encounters a WiFi point that does not have WEP/WPA security, but instead, uses some corney web based HTML login code or password, Android goes bonkers.

Because Android is a very connected OS, the first thing that it tries to do on receipt of an IP address, it attempts to connect to Google services, and fails because it’s not fully on the Interet until it submits the correct HTML code. So the Android framework, that almost all Android apps depends on, Fails! And because the framework fails, the various browsers fail, and you can’t get to the login page to enter the unlock code to the portal, because you have no working browsers.

A classic “Catch 22” issue. An issue that my N900 does not have

Android Sucks!

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  1. Howdy,

    I’m concerned that if Android jams up when it senses a WiFi hotspot, then it will not be able to reliably run its VoIP app.
    This is what my next phone is intended to do, so that I can make mobile to anywhere calls at a rate = mobile > my VoIP account + my VoIP account > wherever.

    Your experience has made me stop and think on this one.
    I know that using a WiFi Nokia will work.
    But Symbian is the slow old man of the mobile OS world now.
    Would you advise caution here ?

    Also I see that you’re proficient in Ada, which I’m self-learning from Barnes’ book these days. Have you encountered much use of Ada in Ireland ? Is it entirely in the so-called critical applications, i.e. defense software, medical device software, pharmaceutical process control, etc ? Or does anyone simply deploy Ada because its syntaxt and features suit the nature of the non-critical computation process ?

  2. The WiFi issue I encountered is probably a driver issue in my inexpensive Android pad, and not likely to affect any solid Android Phone.

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