Troop withdrawal to take place during a Democratic Presidency

Reposted from March 22, 2006 @ 13:15

It looks like the republicans and in particular GW Bush will dump the problem of withdrawing the troops from Iraq into the hands of the Democrats. This and the massive debt, discredited government services and wrecked economy will now be the fault responsibility of the Democratic party.

As the sole beneficiary of a divided and embittered country the Democratic party will have to set about undoing the damage and repairing the moral and spiritual values of the American people. Instilling trust and a belief in a free and independent representative form of government will be no small task in the face of such divisive tactics used by the NeoCon’s during the ‘Republican Years’.

Months ago I wrote about the republicans attempting to stage the collapse of the Federal Government during a Democratic Presidency and this could all be a next stage in their plan. Assuming I still have my tin hat on. But I believe that old adage that “You should not attribute to conspiracy, that which you can explain by incompetency”. And therefore I believe that George, and the republicans have discovered that they Have no plan, or ability to plan for anything related to Iraq. And are willing to wait for a Democrat to figure it all out.

UPDATE: Didn’t I say this a year ago:Bush policy to bequeath Iraq to successor

2 comments on “Troop withdrawal to take place during a Democratic Presidency

  1. Interesting, this: will he really manage to hold off on withdrawals until 2008? makes it easy to forge a campaign around withdrawal: “vote for an end to the war.”

    Will his own party let him do that?

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