The Stockmarket as Reality

I always love this Microsoft delays launch of Vista and Apple Stock price drops. With this kind of reality, it doesn’t matter how good Mac’s are or how much better OS-X is (now and in the Future) than Vista. If Vista fails to ship, Apple loses.

It’s like if the sun does not rise, neither will the moon. What kind of people trade stocks anyway. Apple will be making a killing on the Vista delay, heck, with Vista out of the running for the fall Christmas season, there will be only one computer to buy for the back to school crowd?

3 comments on “The Stockmarket as Reality

  1. already have some. it’s split once already 😉

    actually, the conventional wisdom may be changing. AAPL has established a reputation for delivering (4 major releases in as many years) where MSFT still manages to underdeliver and overpromise.

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