The real problem with a ‘Silicon Republic’ for Ireland

If Cork, and probably Ireland in general, ever wants to get a leg up on Silicon Valley, or ANY tech center, they will have to get the local booksellers to start carrying books on the subject. YES! I do know the subject is a moving target, and that good books are hard to find, but keeping NOTHING on the shelves doesn’t help at all!.

At Eason’s Books it looks like this, while having 5 full cases of food books, and two full ones on ‘spirituality’ :

Computer books in Eason's

Waterstones Looks like this, not any better:

Computer books at Waterstones

It would almost be better not to have ANY computer selection than to have these pathetic examples for selection.

2 comments on “The real problem with a ‘Silicon Republic’ for Ireland

  1. Well we used to have a great resource for computer books in cork. Micromail used to be based in Crawford Business Pk, Bishop Street (they moved to blackrock). Any time i went in there for a “look” i always came away with a book.

    Nowadays they just deal in software licenceing. Its a pity that they dont do books anymore, the place was wall to wall books. Ide say it an extremely tough market to service, with all the pressures of business versus online. The demand must of dried up.

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