London Trip

I just got back from a trip to London and I have to say what a mad city that is. But it got me thinking about London as mixing pot of people and cultures. It used to be said that America, the U.S., was the mixing pot of the world, but in the republican paranoid nightmare that they have created there, immigrants are no longer welcomed, hence no more mixing. And this might reduce the cultural friction, but I think that a little friction is not a bad thing, it’s a form of adapting if everything was smooth and no friction it would be the same bland. Friction moves the world along.

The other thing I noticed, No one looks at each other, the only time I had eye contact we had a little dance to avoid each other, when no one looks every one seems to just naturally avoid collisions. See each other causes collisions. Go figure.

All in all London is a Big and impersonal place where no one seems to stick out, and no one gets any respect either. This could be the single reason there is tension and stress all the time here, even the pigeons looked like they were working for a living.

But is was fun, I suppose, you just have to take it in small doses. I much prefer Cork.

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