8 new Galways in the next 10 years

I was listening to a program on RTE last night, talking about communities and community spirit. And then the announcer dropped the above phrase, “…construction of 8 new Galway’s in the next 10 years” to support the population growth. And while the speaker was commiserating the loss of community spirit and belonging. He was standing in a Suburb of Dublin, he then turn and indicated the the huge estates that represented the current growth pattern would have to grow up, and increase in density to be able to cope with the population growth.

And I thought that was just foolish, and wished that the decentralization didn’t happen years ago. A bigger Dublin? What would you call the Big Smoke then, The Humongous Smoke Can you imagine?

And what about the community spirit, building a bigger Dublin or for that matter a higher density Dublin is just insane. Dublin already is on the fringe of Irish culture. Making it bigger would be unbelievable. And there would be no community at all.

3 comments on “8 new Galways in the next 10 years

  1. “8 new Galways” – I don’t understand… does that mean 8 Irish towns growing to similar size as modern day Galway?

  2. That pretty much what he meant. That the population would grow by the size of Galway, eight times in the next ten years. Not necessarily in any particular town, he tended to indicate that they would be around Dublin. But that is what I was about, Dublin is too big now.

  3. I agree… and if growth continues in towns like Ballincollig and Carrigaline, then we’ll have a couple of Galways down here too. I’d be a bit insulted by the term if I were a Galwegian, though.

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