Israel loses the War on Terror

While there is much debate as to the nature or and motivations on the part of Israel and Hezbollah. There is almost no doubt that Israel has lost this war. It may not be the war on the ground, but they have lost it none the less. It’s the same war George Bush is continuing to loose on behalf of the U.S. and that is the war over the moral high ground. Israel has failed to demonstrate that they are correct, or are responding to this ‘event’ in any way other than a fanatically mindless drunk. Striking out at an enemy that they can not beat, with weapons and methods that only serve to strengthen their enemies. Not unlike what the NeoCons of the Bush regime offer every day. It’s no wonder that the only support for in this Israeli madness is the U.S. Government. Even the British are waking up to this insanity leaving Israel and the U.S. standing alone, again.

The reaction of the Israeli government is over the top, unfocused and banal leaving everyone to wonder what the real motivations really are. Certainly not to rescue a few soldiers who were captured, certainly not to prove that they would go to any length to defend their borders. Something else is at work here, and a worst case, the belief that there is something sinister at work defeats Israel every day that they continue this course of action.

Time for a cease fire, and an end to madness. Or Israel will loose everything, not just this war.