The truth the press fails to publish

When the press complain about bloggers, they always claim that bloggers do no research, and fail to verify their information before publishing. In recent Pew research 58% of bloggers do, research. Witness the alternative, that ‘professional’ journalist do research, and verify their data, then do not publish the truth, to support corrupt politicians. New York Times’ Eavesdropping Story Wasn’t The Only One Squashed For Bush During 2004 Campaign

Make’s you wonder who to trust, bloggers who publish information when they find it, or professional journalist who suppress the truth for political gain?

Not a very hard decision, is it!

3 comments on “The truth the press fails to publish

  1. I think the mainstream media are angry at bloggers for stealing some of their readership. I find I can get more real information in 10 minutes of blog reading than in an hour of “news” reading. The “news” too often just regurgitates what their official sources tell them to say, whereas bloggers tend to actually look for a multitude of sources and or less biased sources.

    Random ireland comment, I found a funny site some of the posts are kind’ve boring some are hilarious. I can’t tell if you’re a Dub or not, but you’ll find it funny anyway I’d say…

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Ah I miss the cork sing-song, haven’t heard anyone start a conversation with “what’s the story” in ages. Stop in to the Brog for a pint for me at some point when you’re home, will ya? I hope it’s still there…

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