Monday may mean independence

I’m looking forward to monday as it may actually become my release from the hospital. The hospital stay in which I’ve posted about the A&E and the long stay through Christmas and the New Year and the Medieval rituals which have had their crescendo on Friday. This is when they attempted to revert my heart back to normal rhythm and failed, after three attempts. I was told after the event that it must have been interesting, and a bit more violent than the movies, as I am now missing one of my front teeth, all the way down to the root, which popped out in front a group of interns getting their first lesson in electro-reversion!

Eating peas has now become an issue.

In any case, with any luck (something sadly lacking of late) I will get my dosing of drugs balanced, my eye’s checked, and escape from Tallaght hospital tomorrow. Hopefully to find a dentist to repair my lasting memories of my stay.

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