Introverted American News?

I have mentioned the disaster which constitutes ‘The News’ in the United States. But Now I have confirmation in this article THE CHANGING NEWSROOM which clearly shows a introversion of the perspective from the News Room. What the article suggests, is that this is good, and that the papers are being read more than ever, but that they are loosing revenue. These ideas are counter opposed and if representative, indicates that they are NOT being read, and NOT being used as a serious advertising channel because they are not being read.

I think that both of these could be explained simply, there is nothing to read in them, nothing to attract the attention of the public. Aside from scandals, papers rarely would be considered ‘hard hitting’ incisive in-depth producers of valuable information. And they wonder why they are failing! Shallow meaningless babble can be had on any street corner, what people are seeking are facts, and analysis. This is what is driving the move to the Internet to fulfill the desire for information. In the Cloud which is the internet, someone somewhere is talking about what interests the seeker. The Papers are not cutting it, it’s as simple as that.