Java JVM for Palm T/X

Java for the Palm T/X has been such an issue since Palm stopped hosting a copy, I have found and will host a copy of the installation in the form of which contains the PRC files that constitute the Java JVM for the T/X. Just browse the folders in the ZIP and install the prc’s. This will then let you run java applets and programs such as Opera Mini 4.1

UPDATE: Some good instructions on Making Opera Mini 4.1 Broswer work for Palm OS

10 comments on “Java JVM for Palm T/X

  1. Thanks. I downloaded the zip file and installed only the J9JavaVMMidp20.prc file. It worked great. I can now use Opera Mini 4.2.

  2. thanks so much!! still using palm tx and wanted to run opera. couldn’t find this or help anywhere. you’re awesome & much appreciated!! Palm 4evr baby!!

  3. Thanks. I couldn’t find this any where else.
    I only installed J9JavaVMMidp20.prc
    It works great on my Zire 72.

  4. Thanks a ton!! Really… Have been searching for the Java…. I bought the Palm TX 9second hand) last week and was experimenting a bit with it… But couldnt do what I wanted to do because Java wasnt available anywhere else…. Thanks a million to you!! 🙂

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