2 comments on “You can’t be more clear.

  1. great job finding a clip from the most biased show on tthe most biased news channel in america and maybe the world. you think that K.O. is a reliable factual source of information. wrong on almost evrything he had to say he put his liberal spin on it as always and made a rediculous remark that was borderline insane and communistic. i feel sorry for you and what your life will be like after obama gets elected. because he will and he will destroy this nation

  2. It’s a shame you think so, it just demonstrates your clear misunderstanding of the U.S. Political system. A system that Bush has been abusing for the last 7.5 years. With a true checks and balances of the original founders, we would never have to worry about any single presidents motivations and policies. Bush has screwed that up, and put all Americans at risk.

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