Legacy Unix always works

Great, I now have a printer that works, but not due to any fancy new features, and also not due to my brilliance, though it should have. But again I am reminded (via Google) to remember the one thing that Unix is, it’s files everything in /dev is a pointer to the device, which for all intents and purposes is just a file. So to print, just cp to /dev/printers/1 which in my case was the USB printer. So by bypassing the fancy stuff, you just call it a file and point at it.

One comment on “Legacy Unix always works

  1. Printers, damn printers.

    A good few months ago I needed a printer and I bought one in PC World and paid for support.

    Shit, only a month after that Lidl brought out a printer a third of the price and support is guaranteed (i.e. money back) for three years.

    It won’t happen again.

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