This never gets Old, Shoes flying in the face of Bush.

This may be the most commented video ever on YouTube The Bush Shoe Incident But I won’t post the actual YouTube here, so go there to see it.

The real ‘meaning’ of using a shoe in a Arabic world, is roughly the equivalent of slinging Shit on the President. Many news agencies are making reference to the Russian use of shoes in political discussions, but in an Arab world it’s a personal insult that was thrown at Bush. A bold and courageous demonstration of Personal belief that Bush is a Dog, and not worthy to lead.

I just wish America Journalists would have such backbones, and integrity.

The wounded (GOP) animal is very dangerous

With the Presidential contest going down the tubes for the Republican (GOP) party, and the potential to lose majority, and even filibuster control of both houses of Congress. The GOP is coming off as a wounded animal and wounded animals are very dangerous. They can attack Iran, swing to radical right and declare independance from the union. They can assasinate opposition, declare martial law and suspend elections.

And that’s just if they want to be open about it.