The CnM Touchpad II – as a practical Pad

In my previous posting, I mentioned all the things this pad can’t or rather doesn’t do. To make this all balanced, I will put what it can do, into perspective.

For Instance, at a cost approximately the same as a Amazon Kindle You still get The Kindle eBook market.
… but then you get;

You can even play Games on it, who would have thought. And it has not added a single pence to my credit card. But I still don’t have the the ‘Google Market’ even though the calendar, contacts and Gmail still sync up with Google.

Internet freedom of speech and Irish Neutrality.

While reading this article 5 Reasons Why Online Freedom of Speech Does Not Exist I was encouraged that a person of Arabic decent wrote it. And is spot on about the real lack of freedom on the internet.

And a thought came to mind that what Irelands ‘Smart Economy’ ought to be, is to create a genuine open internet connection to the world. An Internet free of ALL censorship, blocking, filtering and snooping both into and out to the rest of the internet. Even so much as establishing free VPN connections into the country for people living in internet ‘oppressed’ world areas thus giving an open gateway into a free, and (as) open as anyone could make, Internet. It would not prevent countries from blocking export of banned information into Ireland, but Ireland would not add any blockages. And it would not prevent information from Ireland into censored countries. but it would create a cloud of truly free internet.

I think this could foster an internet ‘Switzerland’ much like Switzerland is to banking. Businesses like Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Skype would find this an attractive country to expand and centralize in. It would make Ireland an Internet sanctuary for complete and open exchange of ideas and communications.

Virtually Yours, Not!

In the online virtual world this kind of response is surprising,

thanks for your invite to join your network. I try and keep my Lxxxxxxx network clean so don’t tend to link to people whom I have not met or with whom I do not have an existing relationship.

I work from home, sometimes manage to get off work to make it to an Open Coffee Cork meeting, I blog, I develop websites, maintain websites, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, FriendsFeed etc. I almost don’t have a real world to meet people in, and in this virtual world, it’s a little bit Old Fashioned to not connect with people with which you have no facetime with. I’m not really sure if I find that refreshing, or insulting. But I’ll probably cease inviting anyone into any of my networks again.