A missing (technology) link

I may have stumbled upon a missing link in our technology. But first let me tell you a bit of myself.

I use a CPAP to help me breath at night. And while I won’t die without it, I am somewhat dependent on it for a good nights sleep. Last night I got up for a respite in the necessary and a small clasp gave way. Not completely broken, but incapable of holding my mask on. I managed to kluge a fix in the dark, and finished the night.

I had opened and closed that clasp a thousand times. I was dependent on the tiniest component to breath and sleep. And it came to me that the bits and pieces we use everyday in our high technology lives, have us somewhat by the short hairs. I thought of flash memory sticks, and SSD’s which are built with a limited life span. Just like my clasp, one snap past it’s sell by date. Mean Time to Failure.

Just like every other device we use, you have to have a backup, a plan. Mine with the clasp, was a touch of superglue and the cost of a bit of inconvenience. But what about a life’s work on a flaky flash memory.

Got your super glue handy?