Defeat McCain with the Truth

While the mud slinging and lies are flying from the GOP, the Obama campaign I’m sure are trying to find a strategy that will nullify the muck flowing from McCain and Palin. This West Wing Clip, while addressing a religious nut job from a talk show, ends with a quote, ‘That is how I will defeat him {my presidential opponent}” and while it’s subtle, it speaks one thing, Obama should defeat McCain and Palin with the truth, with the facts, with honesty, in other words, with everything they are not!.

Obama to be assassinated

Or at least that is the desire of some. I’m afraid there is a massive movement of miss information underway to undermine the Obama presidential campaign. Emails and messages are being passed throughout the American South and the Bible Belt that such things as Obama being a Closet Muslin and that he intends to swear into the Presidential Office on the Koran (Quran) rather than the bible. I personally thought this was silly until I saw this video God and Politics in Lynchburg Tennessee It’s amazing the ignorance being spoken here. But the more interesting is the indications that the source of the information is an ‘information artifact’ where there is no defined source for the ‘fact’ being quoted. But the the ‘fact’ carried such emotional weigh that it is believed because it falls into one’s own belief structure. This is dangerous, as Anti Obama information carrying such emotional power, evokes powerful reactions, like assassination.

Religion and politics

In the current political race to the U.S. Presidency religion has become a major issue with Clinton, McCain, Huckabee, Romney and Obama, that some of them have even gone so far as to profess a disbelief in Evolution as a true measure of the religious convictions. Now one of the primary reasons politicians proudly display their religious credentials is the mistaken belief of the religiously deluded that the politician in question somehow identifies them with a higher moral standard, and therefore are more honest and trustworthy.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as any rational person knows, the very fact that they ARE Politicians precludes any guise of honesty and trust. People who’s only desire and chosen career path is the control of other people’s lives under the rule of governmental coverage, masking as ‘leaders’ their inability to perform any other honest work. The Constitution of the U.S., and for that matter, any other country, is the basis of control of the government power, and not to control the population governed.

So the question is, why would anyone credit a politicians religion with any value? Beats me!

Evolution is for optimists

I was watching a program on origins of humanity and realized that while listening to Zeresenay Alemseged, that people who believe in Evolution are optimists. And that brings into perspective those that are trying to suppress and dilute the teaching of evolution in schools both in the U.S. and Europe.

They are pessimists, they are certain that mankind is destined to pass away. That mankind will never get any better. That science or evolution will never better mankind.

For me that makes no sense, no common sense in any case.

The Rapture, past tense!

I have finally figured out why Fundamentalist Christian groups are so fanatical lately, it’s because the The Rapture has already happened ๐Ÿ˜‰ They didn’t get select to go, ๐Ÿ™ and so few did ascend that no one noticed. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ They believe the liberal press refused to report it, and that if they generate enough religious Zealotry that they can get Jesus to come back around for a second pickup. Enjoy the Tribulation ๐Ÿ™‚

My thoughts on Gambling Ads!

Gambling ads ban to be scrapped

When are we finally going to pass a law on how to wipe your ass? Do you know how much toilet paper we waste in this country? Think of the emotional harm brought to our young people fondling their behinds excessively? Think of the environmental harm we are doing by cutting down all the trees to wipe our collective behinds?

Why stop with telling people what they can do? Why not publish a book on how everything should be done. That sounds like a ‘free’ country now, doesn’t it?

Wait, They have published books on this The Bible and the Quran!

What happened to Freedom, what are we fighting for all over the world? To bring the world under a collective control? Sounds more like religious restriction and control than freedom to me!

Isn’t that what Jihad is?

Troop withdrawal to take place during a Democratic Presidency

Reposted from March 22, 2006 @ 13:15

It looks like the republicans and in particular GW Bush will dump the problem of withdrawing the troops from Iraq into the hands of the Democrats. This and the massive debt, discredited government services and wrecked economy will now be the fault responsibility of the Democratic party.

As the sole beneficiary of a divided and embittered country the Democratic party will have to set about undoing the damage and repairing the moral and spiritual values of the American people. Instilling trust and a belief in a free and independent representative form of government will be no small task in the face of such divisive tactics used by the NeoCon’s during the ‘Republican Years’.

Months ago I wrote about the republicans attempting to stage the collapse of the Federal Government during a Democratic Presidency and this could all be a next stage in their plan. Assuming I still have my tin hat on. But I believe that old adage that “You should not attribute to conspiracy, that which you can explain by incompetency”. And therefore I believe that George, and the republicans have discovered that they Have no plan, or ability to plan for anything related to Iraq. And are willing to wait for a Democrat to figure it all out.

UPDATE: Didn’t I say this a year ago:Bush policy to bequeath Iraq to successor

The age of consent, should vote

Here is a novelty, if the decision on the age of consent should be lowered, why not let the citizens most affected by the decision be allowed to vote on the subject. Why not lower the voting age to 16 and put the decision up to the people. That would let the TD’s and Dail off the hook for any hard decisions that might affect their reign.

Passing the buck to the church, given their way, everyone will not permitted sex, at all! What’s good for priests, are good enough for the general population. How normal is that, no thanks.

The reality of he situation is, some 16 year olds are criminals, having nasty sex, in defiance of the law. The real issue is really education, no one in this puritanical country wants to educate the kids about sex, sexual health, and the emotional issues associated with sex.

Time for this culture to growup and find out where babies really come from.

The British repel ‘Intellegent Design’

Now we know why the British education system is better than the American one,

teaching materials deemed “not appropriate” by the government

This is the response to the BBC Article Let us test Darwin, teacher says that claim’s that packs promoting intelligent design are useful for debating Darwinist theories.”

I don’t think so!

If the Americans believe that the world is the result of ‘Intelligent Design’ why did everything turn out so bad? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Al Qaeda, the Propaganda wing of the GOP

This new message Al-Qaeda calls on US to convert and Qaeda urges Bush, non-Muslims to embrace Islam could not be better GOP propaganda than if Carl Rove wrote it himself. If the goal is to instill fear that Al-Qaeda wants to take away Christianity from the GOP base of Christian fundamentalist this is the best way to fire up them up. Scare the Fundies, upset the moderates, and paint all others as anti-Christian terrorists.

Makes you kind of wonder who wrote this, first the Fox reporters, forced to convert to Islam as a trial balloon, then get the GOP propaganda wing, Al-Qaeda to publish a new threat. Sounds like a plan to me!

UPDATE: “…Republicans are hoping for some outside event that would show the president and their party in a better light — a spate of good news from Iraq, a foiled terrorist plot …” a letter from Al-Qaeda?

Catholicism moving back into the Dark Ages

Just when you thought that the Catholic church was becoming modern, they take a turn into the Dark Ages when the Pope sacks astronomer over evolution debate. Religious conservatives everywhere must be rejoicing that truth and knowledge will be suppressed. And you wonder the Catholic Church is loosing members. They would rather defend child molesters in their ranks, than a scientist teaching knowledge.

What are we loosing, when terrorist assault air travel

I’ve been thinking too much lately, and I can’t help but think that the use of airplanes in terrorist plots have a deeper significance, or not, you decide.

One element of Islamic reaction is a more or less a conservative reaction that even conservatives in the west can identify. One of the greatest features of the western world is mobility, most dramatically represented by air-travel and airplanes. One of the most active agents in change is mobility. Change in a culture that suppresses individual initiatives and freedoms, in favor of religious dogma and enforced religious rituals would have to resist any mixing of ideas and people, mobility is the enemy. This is exactly the same for both the west and islam. The funny thing is neither side understands this. And reacting to this, or even trying to prevent this mingling of cultures is the one change in the world that neither side can prevent.

What it means to us, the public who have to live in the real world, and not some religious fantasy of a pure ethnic nirvana. Is that all the elements that make our modern world work are under attack in the misbegotten belief that change can be stopped. The one thing the rest of us can do, remove the conservative fanatics on both sides of the equation.

What means is that the West and Islamic moderates will have to eliminate their respective far right fundamentalists from positions of power. And start talking to their opposite number.

9/11 education lacking in both Islam and the West

The Sunday Times had an interesting article that indicates that a majority of Muslims in the U.K. believe that there was a U.S. conspiracy that led to the attack of 9/11 and that is was not a Muslim attack. But these same people believe that muslims bombing the U.K. on 7th, was a necessary reaction to the U.K. in Iraq. There seams to be a serious conflict in this thinking. Mind you the information from the hearings on 9/11 held in the U.S. were at best suspect. But there is also the same beliefs in the U.S..

Fundamentally the real issue is education, and the lack of any clear information from any of the governments involved combined with the press who have been negligent in investigating and reporting the real truth. Communications seems to be the tool of the war maker. Communicating the facts may be the only way to halt this relentless move by both the Islamic and Christian fanatics towards a war that is meaningless. But in the face of things from both sides of the conflict, transparency is the one thing that neither will allow, a transparency born of honest and direct communications. Both sides believe that manipulation of the media will some how grant them righteousness where none exists.

Truly we are entering a new dark age, where both religions twist the truth to enforce secular control of people by clouding the mind and poisoning communications.