Dublin <> Ireland

After a few days at the new job in Dublin, I’ve come to the conclusion that Dublin in not in Ireland. I’m not sure I know where it’s at, but I’m sure that it’s not in Ireland. The environment is like a California suburb transplanted into the hinterlands without the infrastructure. I saw a prime example of why Dublin is such a wreck, in the form of the Cherry Orchard rail station. The despicable conditions are a prime example why the streets in Dublin are in gridlock. No one in their right minds would risk their lives using it a commute to or from Dublin.

Dublin is all flash and no substance, nothing real, and nothing of value. Shallow as a sidewalk puddle. Glass windows with moss.

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  1. I am inclined to agree as a north kerry lad exiled to the pale for university but there are good places if you look hard enough. Some places in parts of the city hold some meaning, are genuine and, dare i say it, still resemble ireland.

    Cherry orchard station is in bits and driving is hell in the city. Some bus routes are fantastic though.

  2. During the week you will have to show me where they are located. I know that I have mostly seen the superficial side, I look forward to more explorations.

  3. Yeah, if the multinationals ever up and leave this town will very quickly go downhill. For now though the place is buzzing, but outside of the youngish private sector “class” it’s still 1950s Ireland.

  4. I agree, the contrast is dramatic. But the tourist are looking for 1950’s version. “Romantic Ireland” almost doesn’t exist anymore.

  5. Think Dublin is bad! Come to Wexford – it’s worse. The same idiot-thinking that has destroyed Dublin has arrived here in the last couple of years. I was born and educated in Dublin but I loathe the place now for its awful city management or rather lack of. And now the same thing has happened in the County of Wexford but especially Wexford Town itself. It’s become so bad in barely 18 months I, like many I know, now avoid going into it like the plague.

    And why? One way systems, traffic lights still timed to cope with the day of the donkey cart (half an hour to change), irresponsible, non-responsive engineers and council managers to the the common-sense needs and calls of businesses and visitors alike, expensive and limiting car-parking facilities (have you noticed how these people love to dictate rather than represent) and excessive costs driving people away.

    Look what the fools have done with the M50 for God’s sake! Not only do they belatedly have to copy the disastrous M25 in England in that it had too few lanes almost from the day it started and they had to then torture people for years while they corrected the error, but to be typically “Dublinesque management” they keep the Toll Bridge going! Now that’s special.

    Dublin, Wexford, Timbucktoo all the same. The same people (jobsworths) ignoring the needs of the people and pleasing only themselves and, more importantly, their wage-packets by placating their bosses.

    I suppose everything here is simply down to insider political expediency with many a crucial job inhabited by a card-carrying member of the ‘right’ party. There’s absolutely no evidence of any considerate, pre-emptive thinking for the good of the people. And dare anybody try and show the way… the Irish gallows for such a chancer!

    Your comment “Romantic Ireland” is such a valid one. We are such a mishmash of the worst of other countries. I think we should stop milking the EU which has improved the cashflow but not the quality of our lives and adopt the American national anthem, as we’re all but the 51st state in name anyway.

    Glass windows with moss? absolutely, but it’s bigger than Dublin – it’s Ireland.

  6. I agree, the infrastructure is being constructed to support profit making for one of the ‘friends’ of the current government. The infection of bad planning is destroying Cork as well. It’s interesting that the so called motivation for toll roads expressed by this government is to get people OFF the roads, not to support the smooth transport of people. And then they fail to invest in mass transit, and rail services.

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