Dark Energy / Dark Matter The Devil incarnate

I’m just waiting for the first fundamentalist religious group to propose that mysterious dark energy and Dark Matter are manifestations of the Devil and that this Darkness is the Biblical metaphor for Hell That We in the universe of Lightness and Matter, are opposed by this Dark Energy and Anti-Matter universe.

Would this improve scientific efforts, or make Astronomy and Physics a Religion?

3 comments on “Dark Energy / Dark Matter The Devil incarnate

  1. Everybody knows that dark matter is those funny little orb things you sometimes see in photographs. They are metaphysical crystals containing the synerengy between angels and unicorns. If you see one touching your head in a photograph you are said to be full of dark matter. Not to be mistaken with brown matter, thats something else entirely, and is quite evil! 🙂

  2. Science is already a religion to some. Compassion and empathy aren’t really things that can be quantified, nor are they logic and reasonable, and so are sometimes viewed by certain members of the scientific communtiy in the same light as religious fundamentalists regard abortion or birth control.
    There’s a wonderful irony in it really…

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