The Guise of truth

Israel lost the last war with Hezbollah and I Blogged about it here when I wrote that Israel loses the War on Terror and it looks like the Israeli government has learned to change their propaganda to alter perceptions but are we trusting what we see?. Can we recognize a YouTube campaign when we see one? Not likely, but what is worse is that this ‘war’ may be more about upcoming elections in Israel than anything Hamas has been doing.


Kinda says it all!

2 comments on “The Guise of truth

  1. For God’s sake – this is an unproportionate response based on the belief that as long as they are supported by the US then Israel can do no wrong.

    If you complain then you are anti-semite or nazi.

    Remember that Israeli-supported forces killed more Irish Soldiers than anyone else.

  2. Israel isn’t fooling anyone, I believe they are also doing this because they believe Obama will signal disapproval after he gets sworn into office.

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