The Real, root of all evil.

I’ve been just watching The Root of All Evil on RTE, of all places, I’m surprised that the Catholic Church allow them to broadcast it.

I more or less believe this to be the case for years, there is Reason and then there is Religion, Good verses Evil. Christian Fundamentalists, Islamic Jihadist’s and any other religious belief system taken to an extreme is evil. Plain and simple, lesser measures of religion are merely irrational.

You can have morals without religion, you can have the rule of the laws of man without religion.

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  1. just watched this show, or most of it and found it very shy on experience. My experience of life with a personel relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ has been very good, if not mavellous, and no matter what the theory is I found that the practical is great. Why does error get more publicity than truth ?

  2. So you are saying that a relationship with an invisible person described in a book of myth provides a very good experience of life.

    Ok, but beware of fans of WoW or D&D professing their experiences.

  3. Icannot see why you decribe The Bible as a “book of myths” as it contains some historical facts as well as good guidelines for living apart from its “religous content”.
    It has been a good guide to me for over 40 years.
    Excuse my ignorance but what is WoW or D&D ?

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