it@Cork are Elitist Snobs!

I just got rejected from a it@Cork meeting. Which reads;

Hello Rxxxxxxx,
Thank you for your interest in it@cork however only staff of member companies can attend the AGM.

Axxxx Rxxxxx
Events and Marketing Executive
Work days: Monday – Wednesday
Tel: +353 21 2307076 Fax: +353 21 2307046

Unfortunately that’s not what it said when I registered to attend. As seen in the following Google Cache page;

Interesting how things have changed without an apology, (see below) The internet never forgets.

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  1. I wasn’t expecting a fluffy in any case. Never have, as I am just a bitter cranky old IT guy! I’m used to only hearing from the customer when the shit hits the fan, never when things are good.

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