Missed A Bullet

I missed a bullet today, while unplugging a usb powered portable drive from my new server I hung the USB ports on OpenSolaris, I though I could have proceeded, the mouse was on a USB port so I was mouseless. Not a good thing with GUI, during my attempts to diagnose the issue I manage to power down and after who knows what, the system came back up and all was well.


And all is running fine with OpenSolaris. Mind you I could NEVER recommend this operating system to a novice. While I managed to make services screen bring up SMB, and Webmin I’ve yet to get the OS to print on an HP 4200 Series printer, while it recognizes it when it’s plugged in, it will not send a test print.

Another point, is OpenSolaris supplies Totem Media Player and SongBird nether will play an MP3 file, let alone anything else. Opensolaris even recognize a DVD, but then won’t play it. USELESS!! why include them. It took hours of Goggling to find plugins, and then you have to BUY THEM from Fluendo


4 comments on “Missed A Bullet

  1. If you upgrade to Solaris build 112, you will see that when you try to play a mp3 in Rythmbox, you will get directed to fluendo web page, where you can download the mp3 codec for free.

  2. That won’t be necessary since I already bought all the fluendo codexes. Does 112 include the decss code to play DVDs like all the other Linux Distro’s?

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