Nature Hates a Vacuum

Yesterday I thought I’d screwed up my USB ports and that would require a motherboard replacement. But in IT a mystery is unacceptable! So when a bit of fiddling and a reboot made the the USB (and attached mouse) revive, I was disturbed. But like in anything, Nature hates a vacuum, so like the vacuum in my head, I filled it with an answer. The Open Solaris ‘filemanager’ has a bug, don’t press the ‘Eject’ icon if the disk is mounted on the USB ports, any of the ports as it will unmount the, in my case, mouse, and then refuse to remount anything else on the USB ports. I’ll send in a bug report. See the picture below for what to avoid. This may be only an isolated issue with this motherboard. And the eject seems to work Ok for the CD/DVD drive (different controller).