Internet to shutdown to help environment.

In this article Revealed: the environmental impact of Google searches the Times On-Line quotes from an energy researcher who has no access to Google energy data to state “A Google search has a definite environmental impact.” Much like posting his article online. Perhaps he should reflect on the old adage Without Reliable Data, I’m Just another A__Ho_e with an Opinion!

Google Rebuttals: Powering a Google Search

The Guise of truth

Israel lost the last war with Hezbollah and I Blogged about it here when I wrote that Israel loses the War on Terror and it looks like the Israeli government has learned to change their propaganda to alter perceptions but are we trusting what we see?. Can we recognize a YouTube campaign when we see one? Not likely, but what is worse is that this ‘war’ may be more about upcoming elections in Israel than anything Hamas has been doing.


Kinda says it all!

This never gets Old, Shoes flying in the face of Bush.

This may be the most commented video ever on YouTube The Bush Shoe Incident But I won’t post the actual YouTube here, so go there to see it.

The real ‘meaning’ of using a shoe in a Arabic world, is roughly the equivalent of slinging Shit on the President. Many news agencies are making reference to the Russian use of shoes in political discussions, but in an Arab world it’s a personal insult that was thrown at Bush. A bold and courageous demonstration of Personal belief that Bush is a Dog, and not worthy to lead.

I just wish America Journalists would have such backbones, and integrity.

Obama may lose!

The reality is, Obama may lose!. At a dinner party tonight some visiting Brit’s repeatedly ask me who I thought would win McCain, or Obama. Overwhelmingly they all agreed that they preferred Obama, and followed it up with how disgusted they were with Bush, and how poor a choice for VP McCain made in Palin. But the reality is Obama can still lose. America, white America is fundamentally racist and unless Obama has a massive lead going into the final election HOUR! And so long as some news agency doesn’t call the election for McCain early. The racism will rise to the surface and we will have to live with the McCain HELL for the next 4 years. White America will not vote, in the privacy of the booth, for a Nigger! Plain, simple, Ugly and true.

A glimmer of Democracy

This article is amusing as a Sudden outbreak of democracy baffles US pundits. I was chilled by the observation that the Media and Pundits were so amazed at the opposition reaction to the Congressional bail out. The observation of this writer, was spot on with the snobs being snubbed by the general population. What would happen if the banks holding flaky mortgages failed, what if all the marginal mortgage holders were just granted the properties held by the banks. and then allow the banks fail. Wouldn’t that be real justice for corrupt banking and financial managers?

“Your representative owes you,
not his industry only, but his judgment;
and he betrays, instead of serving you,
if he sacrifices it to your opinion.”

Edmund Burke
(1729-1797) Irish-born British statesman, parliamentary orator, and political thinker

Congress must make some hard decisions and it’s now time to standup and make them.

Whatever became of the truth?

Bush’s friendly co-conspirator in the White House Lies and deception club has come up with something he can really sink his teeth into, The U.S. Propaganda Agency to quote;

…the United States is losing the war of ideas in the Muslim world, and the answer to that, in part, is through the creation of this new government agency

Whatever happened to the truth? If the truth isn’t there, someone will discover that it’s not the truth, and no amount of lying is going to make anyone listen to it. Mind you if you can control all sources of information (MSN, radio, TV, Internet), and either censor or block the truth, what does it matter what you say?

Radio Free Europe has been identified as one of the most useful tool to bring down the Iron curtain, on a simple principal, that even under political pressure, it would ONLY broadcast the truth.

But this administration doesn’t know the truth, to them, the truth is the enemy, and so we have what we have. A world of spin and deception.

Cheney and Bush seeding false treasonous information

There seems to be a great deal of information masquerading as fact as to the nature of the treasonous act that have been committed by the Bush/Cheney administration. This could be that the conspiracies are starting to unravel, or it could be, as in the George W. Bush military service controversy which brought down Dan Rather the ‘facts’ being seeded in the internet may be believable, but false, and might be cited along with real evidence of the impeachable offenses commited by them. These could have been planted so that they could be refuted, and with them, the real facts relating to treasonable acts, as needed, if and when impeachment hearing begin. The GOP has never hesitated to publish outright lie’s if they thought that they could spin them later to their own advantage. Why should this be any different? They are just laying the groundwork knowing that the many crimes against American Citizens and the Constitution of the United States will eventually come to light.

Ricardo Franco Levi looks to be a Nazi proposing censorship

Ricardo Franco Levi, Prodi’s right hand man , undersecretary to the President of the Council, has written the text to put a stopper in the mouth of the Internet. The draft law was approved by the Council of Ministers on 12 October. No Minister dissociated themselves from it. On gagging information, very quietly, these are all in agreement.
The Levi-Prodi law lays out that anyone with a blog or a website has to register it with the ROC, a register of the Communications Authority, produce certificates, pay a tax, even if they provide information without any intention to make money.

Vietnam body counts all over again.

If you need any further reason to think of Iraq as George Bush’s ‘Vietnam War‘. Just read this article 19,000 insurgents killed and remember that not a single body has been confirmed by independent counts. Just like in Vietnam, the actual body counts were always inflated by several orders of magnitude. So applying the same rule, read 19,000 as 1,900 tops, which is smaller than the number of coalition force causalities, Dead causalities, not just the 25,000 Wounded coalition forces.

So who is winning in Iraq?

Republicans are making Democrats

Prior to World War II, Americans were, much like they were before 9-11, mostly isolationist, self centered and generally ignorant of the world outside of the United States. The former, because they were turning away from Bloody World War I, and were trying to forget. The later was a forced ignorance of the world engineered by the Mass media owned and controlled by conservative big business, mostly sympathetic to GOP motivations. Years of manipulation with of the Idea that the media was ‘Liberal’ has convinced Americans that the isolation and selfishness was an American Ideal.

As an unexpected outcome of WWII, millions of Americans were introduced to the rest of the world, troops stationed all over the world, and even prisoners-of-war brought to the U.S. for internment influenced the population that there were people living in the rest of the world. People who did not share the american way of life. And Americans learned and gained an understanding, even a desire to know other cultures.

The current situation is a bit different, just as Pearl Harbor was different than 911, an unexpected difference is the decision to keep prisoners far away from the general population, partly to keep them from becoming ‘human’ and partly to keep them away from the U.S. Constitution, and the rights that it confers.

With control of the media the republicans have attempted to prevent interaction both with the truth, and any element that might make ‘foreigners’ less than the ‘evil’ monsters that the GOP needs to continue the war on the U.S. Constitution, for Iraqi oil, and to boost the Defense Industrial Complex. But keeping troops in enclaves (to prevent interaction with the Iraqi population) has lead to the uncontrolled situation that troubles Iraqi security, that prevents the Iraqi from learning about Americans, and from American troops from learning that Iraqi people are human also.

This isolation hasn’t worked, and soon American troops will be returning to the U.S. with a deeper understanding of the outside world, something the GOP did not want. And just as the U.S. became more democratic, more liberal, dare I say more international after WWII, so it will after Iraq. The Republicans are making Democrats out of Republicans, my father, a lifelong republican, is now thinking of voting Democrat. So will the pendulum swing from the GOP to the democratic party. Time will tell, the sooner the better.

Politics online

In the category of ‘Dud’ with all the censorship, poor biased reporting, or just plain NO reporting on politics. How could this be surprising. Americans embrace politics online! Especially from the Mass Media in America, owned primarily by Big Business, who are the last to challenge the status quo. How would you ever hear the real facts about politics?

In America, the news is no news.

For Christmas, I spent the usual stressful week with the parents, and brothers. Aside from from the normal family conflict, I was struck by the lack of any real news. Sure there were car wrecks, plane crashes, murder and what not, repeated endlessly every hour in sound bites as if someone could miss them. But no politics, international news, opinion, or discussion of world affairs. If the event unfolded beyond 50, or 100 miles from where you are listening, nothing.

I felt like I had blinders and cotton in my ears. The closest thing to world news was in the form of the 24 hour weather channel on the television. Its no wonder everyone watches it. Ask anyone about what is happening in Japan, India, Ireland or any place beyond 100 miles away, nothing, but ask them what the weather is there and they can give you the five day forecast for anyplace in the world.

It’s no wonder Americans are ignorant of world events, isolationist in their thinking, they literally are unaware events happen anywhere else in the world.

The U.S. is now the isolationist bubble George Bush was seeking, ignorance in education, and news alike. Not what you would wish on the leaders of the free world.